Our Farm Tours

Weisberg Stables currently offers a limited number of farm tours for philanthropic outreach through the Weisberg Family Foundation. We are not open to the general public.

At Weisberg Stables we have a passion for educating others about animals and how they can enrich our lives.  Since children naturally identify with animals, we can use interactions with animals to teach children a variety of essential life and social skills.

During our guided hands-on educational tour, visitors will learn about the animals on our farm and how we use them in our programs.

Our tour is designed to illustrate how all living beings have a language and the same basic needs: food, shelter, water and protection/safety.

During the tour visitors will learn why roosters crow, why pigs love mud, why goats chew, what herds can teach us about teamwork, how various animals communicate through body language, and much more.

Farm Tours and Sensory Petting Zoo experiences are not open to the general public.

Tours are approximately 90 minutes and are appropriate for adults and children ages 5+

Tours are offered:
Tuesdays 2:30pm
Wednesdays 3:30P
Saturdays 2:30pm

Animals Featured on Farm Tour

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