Animal Keeper


Professional & Personable Animal Keeper desired for the daily care, training and maintenance of various farm and exotic animals, their housing, enclosures and stalls.

Duties & Responsibilities

Care of various farm and exotic animals including: goats, chickens, pigs, tortoises, turkeys, rabbits, guinea pigs, emus, wallabies, miniature horses, llamas, miniature donkeys, skunk, tamandua and pot-bellied pigs;

Follows diet and nutrition protocols in the preparation of diet and feeds as outlined in the Animal Nutrition Guidebook;

Ensures food preparation area is clean, disinfected and properly sanitized as set forth by USDA and Weisberg Stables.

Handles & trains animals for use in the Ambassador program;

Weighs and records animals weights on biweekly or monthly schedule;

Provides general first-aid and worming;

Keeps accurate health and animal inventory records;

Keeps detailed records or care and illnesses;

Supervises volunteers and guests;

Provides educational tours and demonstrations;

Assists in performance of specialized animal care, including baby and immature animal care;

Assists in capturing, crating and transportation of animals as required for evacuation or medical care;

Prepares daily written and electronic reports to supervisor on any changes in behavior, diet, sickness, or reproductive status;

Creates and manages enrichment activities for animals to include environmental, sensory and food enrichment, based on individual species needs;

Conducts animal conditioning/behavioral sessions and conditions new desired behaviors;

Inspects animals daily and reports/records any noticeable health issues to management immediately;

Schedules routine and emergency vet appointments and assists vet as needed

Collects fertile and no-fertile eggs;

Assists with the training and supervision of volunteers and interns;


Minimum Qualifications

Fluent in written and spoken English.

Min. 2 years previous professional (paid) experience as an animal caretaker in a Zoo, Sanctuary, or exotic breeding facility.


Education, Training & Experience

To be considered for this position you must have the following:

A.) Bachelor’s degree in Zoology, Animal Behavior, or related animal sciences with a minimum of 500 hours at a zoo, sanctuary or wildlife center.


B.) 2 years professional (paid) full-time experience working as a Zookeeper or animal trainer in a recognized Zoo, Sanctuary, Wildlife Center, or exotic breeding facility.


C.) Over 1,500 documented volunteer,  internship or paid position hours at wildlife sanctuary, petting zoo, farm or private facility with farm and/or exotic animals



Knowledge of

Practical knowledge of  FWC & USDA regulations;

General Animal husbandry;

General safety practices and protocols with farm and exotic animals


Skills and ability to

Follow detailed check-lists; adhere to routine and schedule; keep accurate records;  interact with guests of various physical and mental abilities, interact with large and small groups; manage visitors in a sensory petting zoo interaction; memorize facts about animals for educational tours or demonstrations; follow safety standards and practices; work independently and efficiently and interact with media.


Other Characteristics

Willingness and experience working outdoors in heat, personable and positive attitude, detail-oriented; clear communicator, excellent customer service skills,  even tempered and mature; ability to perform physical labor and work on feet for extended period of time; able to lift and carry 40 pounds regularly and lift up to 75 pounds occasionally; organized and skillful with time management and able to work self-sufficiently and as part of a team.


Please note that this position requires 45-50 hours per week with either

1.5 or 2 days off per week.  You should expect to work most weekends, if not all, during the season.

Employment Benefits

  • Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Highly Competitive salary
  • Health insurance for FT employees
  • 401K
  • Paid Vacation time
  • Safe work environment
  • Quarterly bonuses
  • Philanthropic work environment

Employment Requirements

Please review the following employment requirements prior to submitting your application:

  • No visible tattoos (any visible tattoo must be covered at all times)
  • No facial or tongue piercings
  • No smoking anywhere on property
  • All Employees will wear a uniform and adhere to dress code

All other job requirements that are position specific will be included in each individual job description on our career page.